Memory Quilt


Happy Easter everyone! I am back home in Wisconsin visiting my mom for the week, so I decided to take some photos on the memory quilt we have at her house. After my dad passed away in 2004, my auntie Susie took a bunch of shirts from my mom and made this quilt. It now sits on the back of my mom’s sofa in the family room.

Each section has shirts that were important to my dad and each shirt tells a story. In the top left and middle right, we have the two Senior Olympic shirts from when my dad competed. As soon as he met the age requirements, he made sure to sign up. He ran the 100, 200, and 400 meter races. I will be sharing information about this in the future.


His love for Disney comes out in the park shirts and silly character shirts. It was always amusing seeing my dad wear these. He somehow managed to make Disney muscle shirts look cool!

Really, you could buy him any character shirt, whether it was Disney, Looney Tunes or Peanuts, and he would wear it! Evidence is below:






The center piece is very unique. It is his wedding shirt and part of his tie he wore for that day.


I really don’t want to write much more, as the quilt speaks for itself. I love coming home and seeing this on the couch-the memories of the times he wore these shirts is something my mom and I will always have.

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