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Joined a marathon club…got up at 7:00 am on a Sunday…what am I thinking?!?

I usually run, train, and race alone.   Is this the way to go?  Should I try something new?

I usually run, train, and race alone. Is this the way to go? Should I try something new?

Alright. I’m officially starting to fall off the crazy wagon of intensity. Not only did I register for the Millarville Race to the Farmer’s Market Half Marathon last night (err, this morning) at 12:30 am, but I set my alarm for 7:00 am on a Sunday. All so I could get up and head to Runner’s Soul on the south side of Lethbridge to participate in my first ever marathon club run.

A running club may not be for everyone. I don’t even know if it is for me. I’ve been running and training and racing alone since 2004. I haven’t trained with people since high school track & field. Oh, those were the days when we’d be sent on the two-mile loop and cut it short when Bollis wasn’t looking. Senior year we didn’t do such a thing with Thorpe, but sorry Bollio….we use to cut it short when we could!

So the marathon club…found out about it back in December when I went to Runner’s Soul to buy my new Nike Air Peagusus 29 shoes…Wrote down the kick-off date….went to the sign-up last Monday…and today I was running with a group of die-hards at 8:00 am, in 8 degree Fahrenheit weather. Age range seemed to be from 23-60ish. Men and women. Dogs too! (With owners, duh). Sean, the owner, went through the route for the day—those training for a half would be going 4 miles. The weekend runs are designed to be the “long runs” for a training calendar, with the goal to be able to complete a half or full marathon on May 26. (I will be doing the Calgary half that day). He also gave us a nutrition tip, training tip, and quote. The training tip was interesting, as it had to do with pacing on long runs. He suggested running 60-90 seconds slower that your goal race-pace on these long run days. I am proud to say I have been doing this unintentionally for quite some time, though some long days I sluf off.

I ran with a girl I met named Whitney-about my age, going to the University of Lethbridge, has run a half and a bunch of 10km races before-but she was probably about 5’11”. I’m 5’3″. I have been since 6th grade. So my stride length is ‘special’ to say the least. It was great talking with her during the run and it went by super fast. We stuck together the whole time and we did 4.22 miles in 39 minutes 12 seconds. If I had ran this alone on a freezing cold Sunday I probably would have been swearing and running a whole lot slower.

The camaraderie that is part of these clubs is what I am most interested in experiencing. As important as running is in my life, I really haven’t found people to share it with. It has always been a personal hobby or activity. Not saying I am going to be having a running buddy for every day I train (that is next to impossible given schedules, work, etc), but participating in these weekend runs will be good for me. It definitely can’t hurt!

To visit the Runner’s Soul website, click here:
Runner’s Soul