Taking an Unplanned Day Off


When I make my training calendars, I stick with them pretty dead-on. Having the calendar to check off as I go really keeps me in line. Having what I am supposed to run on a given day written down makes it official, something I must follow. I was gone in Los Angeles since Saturday, and I even stuck with my vacation modifications. I did a solid 9 mile run the day before leaving, did a 3.3 mile run in the sand from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach and back. I even went on a 2-mile run last night about an hour after getting home. I had an awesome pace going!

But, I sit here now at 3:54 pm on Thursday, Feb 21…I am suppose to run 6 miles. And I am sick.

My throat has had this draining feeling since late Monday night while in California. My ears are achy too. My body isn’t achy or sore-I am not injured. But I am scared to push myself just too far when I don’t feel 100%. Hell, I don’t even feel 70%. But then I feel like I am letting myself down by not going on this run. I know, it’s just one run. Does anyone else ever feel like this, when you are supposed to work out and then you don’t? I know the circumstances are different-it’s not that I am blatantly just avoiding it, or that I am hungover. But I am still sitting here thinking I should bundle up and suck it up.

My first half marathon for the year is one and a half weeks away. I am going to push out 12 miles on Saturday in preparation. Will taking today (and possibly tomorrow) off really hurt me in the end? What does everyone else do when they feel like a pile of junk during training time? It probably is for the best, because maybe I will just end up more sick. And my legs have the mileage already built up by now. Perhaps an unplanned rest day is the cure for the common cold…?

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