So I just joined #Twitter…let the hashtags begin


I joined Twitter this morning during my prep period with the help of a fellow co-worker. I had a Twitter account once before-but it was only used to Re-tweet that I was at La Cava del Tequilla at EPCOT so I could get free chips and salsa.

This will be a ‘modified’ account, in the sense that our school has started an ‘initiative’ of sorts—#WClove. (Not W CLOVE, but it stands for Winston Churchill LOVE). It’s a hashtag for staff and students to tweet out acts of kindness and things that are great about the school. It’s in the test mode and the student council found out about another school that had done it.

So I use the term ‘modified’ in that I will be following teachers, disney-related items, running-related sources, heart disease research information, and educational items. I’ll leave all my craziness to my Facebook. But I figure this will be a great tool for me to learn and utilize within this web page to get the word out more for what I am doing.

Follow me @Wisc07

That’s Wisc ZERO 7, not OOOOOHHHHH 7.

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