A Quick HELLO to the HOC Readers!


As previously mentioned in other posts, my dad was employed by Milwaukee County at the House of Corrections for 27.5 years.  This facility is in Franklin, Wisconsin.  I had been contemplating for some time how to get in contact with some of the employees there, as I knew there had to be a handful still there who would have worked with my dad or know who my dad was.  I had started thinking about doing this during Spring Break when I was back in Franklin, but it never happened.

This week, I decided I had to call.  I was able to get in contact with one of the associate superintendents.  He phoned me back yesterday and it turns out he in fact worked with my dad!  We chatted for a while and I informed him about my site, and asked him to forward the information on to any employees he think may be interested.  He also said he will get the information to a group of retirees who get together often.


I am very grateful for being able to get in contact with the HOC, as my dad’s work was important to him, and was a gigantic part of his life.  I welcome any old coworkers who are on here to leave comments on memories you may have!  Check out all the links up above as it will give you an idea of what this fundraising  ‘project’ has become…take a look at old posts….and enjoy!

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  1. I had the pleasure of working with your father for 6 years until his retirement. He was an amazing man. I’m still employed out at the HOC and am now a K9 handler, a position I take great pride in. It reminds me of the pride your dad took in his job out here. My dad also suffered from heart disease and it took him away from us too early as well. What your doing and accoomplishing is simply amazing.

    • Thank you for your kind words!! That’s fantastic you are still at HOC and are working with the K9s. I know there are so many of you that work at HOC who take pride in their position—-other people outside of the facility may not “get it” but I know that everything you all do there is amazing.

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