Fundraising Update-USA is in the lead!


So, in keeping with my idea of seeing which country will reign supreme, I am going to periodically do updates of where my fundraising totals are at.

The USA is in the lead!!!! Come on Canada, get on ahead!

American Heart Association—-$500


Heart & Stroke Foundation (Canada)—-$395


My current goal is $1000 for each charity, so $2000 in total for North American Heart Disease Research. I am already halfway for the American Heart Association, and getting close with Heart & Stroke Foundation! I plan on increasing my goals in the next month or so…You can donate now by clicking the CHARITIES tab on top of the webpage and select which organization you would like to make a contribution towards. It will take you to a secure webpage to complete the donation.

I am so appreciative of my family, friends and co-workers who have donated and/or expressed interest thus far!! I know some individuals have donated anonymously, but one who did not is my cousin Ed. He donated a generous $250 to the cause, and it meant so much to me when I got the email saying he had donated! I have not seen my cousin since about 1995. He is my oldest cousin, and lives down in San Diego, and it my Uncle Ed’s only son (Uncle Ed is my dad’s only sibling). Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you to everyone!



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